BayanPay Business App

Simplify Your Finances with the Bayanpay Business App

With zero additional IT effort, merchants can benefit from deeper insights, identify opportunities for optimizing transaction rates and costs, target specific segments, and introduce new payment methods to broaden their market reach.

BayanPay Business Mobile App

BayanPay Business Mobile App is a powerful, innovative digital payments management system that puts up-to-the-minute transaction information at your fingertips.

On-site payment receiving methods, including Digital wallets, Credit cards, and Debit cards.

Payments analytics

Supplier payments

Money transfers

Unlimited users with three authority levels

Reconciliation tools that allow you to view, analyze and respond quickly

Merchant sub-users on the BayanPay Business Mobile App

Active merchants can create sub-users by activating the User Management Feature on the mobile app.

Along with the main merchant, TWO additional levels of users, using the same QR code, can be created to facilitate merchant payments:

Cashiers/Drivers: Receive payments using QR & Requests for a refund.

Finance Team Users: Add/edit/delete Cashiers/Drivers, Receive payments using QR, Refund/approve refunds, & Transfer money to existing beneficiaries.

Sub-Merchants on the BayanPay Business Mobile App

Meeting the needs of large merchants with many branches, BayanPay Wallet has a feature that can be activated to create sub-merchants for each branch. Different sub-merchant QR codes are created for each branch and consolidated at the Main Wallet level.

Sub-merchant creation is a service provided by the BayanPay team during the onboarding process.