Digital Money

Digital Money Management

Top Up

Top Up Your Wallet

You can refill the amount available in your digital Wallet in a choice of convenient channels:

Top Up using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Top Up using Mada card.

Top Up via your bank account using a unique BayanPay virtual IBAN.

Mobile Payments

Secure Mobile Payments

Make secure, encrypted payments anytime, anywhere via your BayanPay mobile app:

Online shopping.

Bill payments.

Wallet to Wallet or Wallet to Bank Accounts.

Convenient electronic receipts.

Bank Transfers

Local Transfers

With BayanPay digital Individuals it’s never been easier or more convenient to send or request money within Saudi Arabia:

Transfer from your Wallet to another via a registered mobile number.

Transfer to another local bank account using the registered IBAN details.

Instantly receive money from another authorized BayanPay Individuals holder.

International Money Transfers

International Transfers

BayanPay Individuals provides a secure, convenient international remittance platform. It offers a digitally advanced option for expats wishing to send money home to their families or pay overseas bills.

Make transfers safely at any time, without having to waste time queueing in person.

Linked to established approved money transfer companies, like Instant Cash.

Facilitates cash payouts in over 75 countries.

SAQR Code Payments

Scan and Pay with Merchant QR Codes

The simplest, quickest way to pay! With your BayanPay Individuals, your merchant’s QR code is your digital ticket to a snappy purchase – no cash, no card, simply scan and you’re on your way. All payment details are accurately and securely visible via the QR uniquely linked to your product or service supplier.

BayanPay products are certified SAQR (Standardization of QR), means that you can use this innovative facility with absolute confidence at participating e-Wallet merchants across Saudi Arabia.

Family Wallet

Sub-wallets for your Family Members

Create sub-wallets for your family members and even trusted household staff! The Family feature in BayanPay Individuals enables customers to transfer funds into sub-wallets, which can then be used to pay for goods and services in the same way as the main Wallet.

So convenient and so much safer and easier to manage than cash, card or additional costly bank accounts!