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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some assistance with BayanPay? If your question is not among this list of FAQs,
our Customer Care team is on hand with a solution. Please contact them through

Tel: 920015140
Email: customercare@bayanpay.sa

Maximum limit per transaction: SAR 20,000

Maximum monthly limit: SAR 20,000

There is no fee.

Yes, user can switch their IBAN once a month, from Arab National  Bank, Banque Saudi Fransi, Samba Bank, SABB Bank, and Riyad Bank. The sending bank must be same as the name on the IBAN Wallet.

  1. Send money to bank accounts
  2. Receive money from bank accounts
  3. Send money from wallet to wallet
  4. Request money from wallet to wallet
  5. Make an in-store payment
  6. Make an international transfer
  7. Generate a QR code for a specific amount
  8. Create a Family Wallet and House Staff Wallet

No, your BayanPay Individuals account can only be accessed with your login details and OTP. However, please contact Customer Care immediately to let them know: +920015140 or customercare@bayanpay.sa

No, there are no top-up limits.

BayanPay incorporates the highest security standards.

  • Your details can only be accessed with your account login/phone number and password
  • These are processed through OTP (One Time Password) verifications
  • Credit card, debit card and bank account information is always encrypted when displayed, so no one will ever see the full account number.
  • In no event is your credit, debit card or bank account information ever shared with anyone, including the entity receiving your payment, other than the card or bank processors.

Send, receive or request an instant transfer:

  • Click on “Mobile Number”
  • Enter the requested amount
  • Enter the recipient mobile number
  • Click on “Proceed” to confirm the requested cash transfer
  • You can also send the requested amount by clicking “Scan QR Code” to enable the recipient mobile number and scan your QR code to transfer the requested cash amount.

SAR 20,000 – Daily

SAR 20,000 – Monthly

There is no charge for this service.

Yes, you can transfer fund from your bank account directly to your IBAN displayed in your BayanPay Individuals. BayanPay does not charge any fees for this service, however your bank may charge SARIE fees.

1- Top-up using your bank credit or debit card

2- Do a bank transfer from your bank to your IBAN in your BayanPay Individuals.

Download BayanPay Individuals:

1- Enter your phone number, which is registered in Absher and linked to your ID number

2- Enter your ID/Iqma number

Download BayanPay Business:

1- Enter your CR number (for FL number, pleaser contact Customer Care: +920015140 or Merchant.Care@bayanpa.sa)

2- Enter the Manager’s ID number

3- Enter your bank account IBAN number, then choose your bank’s name and your merchant category.

BayanPay Payments Gateway:

Please visit www.bayanpay.sa and complete the Merchant form.

There is no charge to open an account.

  • BayanPay Individuals – Digital Wallet for individuals
  • BayanPay Business – Digital Wallet for merchants
  • BayanPay Payments Gateway – Innovative payments method for integration into websites and apps
  • Invoicing

For Stores, please download the Business Wallet from the Google or Apple application store online.

For Payments Gateway or Apps, please fill the application at the website www.bayanpay.sa or please contact customer care: 920015140 or sales@bayanpay.sa

It’s no problem. If you have forgotten your PIN, please tap “Forgot PIN” in the log-in screen. You will receive a text message with a new PIN. After you login, you can change the PIN within the BayanPay Individuals setting.

To unblock your Wallet, please contact Customer Care: +920015140 or customercare@bayanpay.sa

No, there is no difference in the limits and processing times of Wallet to Wallet and Wallet to IBAN transfers.

SAR 20,000 – Daily

SAR 20,000 – Monthly

SAR 20,000 – Daily

SAR 20,000 – Monthly

For now, SADAD is not one of the top-up methods.

  1. Top-up using credit or debit card 24/7 – the funds will be available immediately
  2. Top-up using a transfer to the Wallet IBAN – funds will be processed during SARIE banking working hours from Sunday to Thursday. If you experience a delay in this transfer, please contact customer care: 920015140 or customercare@bayanpay.sa

To transfer the money successfully please make sure to enter the correct IBAN number and beneficiary name. Please contact: +920015140 or customercare@bayanpay.sa for any further support.

It takes approximately 30-60 minutes with BayanPay partner banks.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that correct IBAN number is entered. BayanPay will not be able to recall a transaction once it is sent. Please contact Customer Care for assistance: +920015140 or customercare@bayanpay.sa

A BayanPay Individuals registration OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered on Absher and linked to their ID. The customer should update his/her phone number on Absher by contacting MOI directly.

Yes! Transfer internationally to a bank account or for cash pickup.

Maximum limit of one-time transfer: SAR 20,000

Maximum monthly limit: SAR 20,000

Fees and exchange rates can be viewed in the price estimator before transfer initiation.

Exchange rates fluctuate, they are not fixed.


Maximum limit per transaction: SAR 20,000

Maximum monthly limit: SAR 20,000

Approximate bank transfers differ as follows:

Arab National Bank, Banque Saudi Fransi, Samba Bank: Within 30-60 minutes, any day of the week

SABB:  Within 30-60 minutes, Sunday to Thursday

Other Banks: 9.30am – 3.30pm, Sunday to Thursday